Burundi has experienced a long period of civil war, which has left behind negative consequences for society. Even if the government of the day is trying to make more efforts to redress the situation, the case at hand is a large one which required a lot of forces from different sources.

Who we are

The UMUGIRANEZA “BONNE ACTION” foundation was born from the initiative of Madam NDAYUBAHA Angeline, who wanted to have a legal framework of support for her humanitarian actions towards Burundian society. The main objective of the foundation is:

On the one hand, to help, directly or indirectly, any vulnerable person, including Widows, Orphans, Street Children, etc.

On the other hand, the foundation also aims to provide intervention in other sectors such as the environment, health promotion (reproductive health, food safety); education, etc.




Who is Madame NDAYUBAHA Angeline

Currently mother of five children, Mrs. NDAYUBAHA Angeline was born in 1978 in Muramvya province in Rutegama commune. From a cultivating mother, his father, meanwhile, worked with the early white missionaries of the Evangelical Friends Church on KIBIMBA Hill. 

This caused the child to be put into school at an early age. However, the situation did not stay that way. Madame NDAYUBAHA Angeline lived a real Stations of the Cross before following this call from heaven which led her to be the Mother worthy of her name, appreciated by many people. First an ex-combatant: the crisis of 1993 erupted while the young girl was in high school where she escaped the criminals by the grace of God. 

The situation became more and more alarming to such an extent that she decided, along with the studies, to be a political mobilizer on the side of her compatriots who were already in the bush as fighters of the Force for the Defense of the Democracy “FDD” which has become a current political formation CNDD-FDD. During this period his family found themselves in exile for more than five years.

She thus attended various secondary schools, including the Lycée Sainte Thérèse de Mushasha, the Technical and Administrative Secondary School ESTA, before obtaining a level A2 diploma at ETCA in 2003. Along with her professional career within the SOBUGEA, she continued her graduate studies at the Sagesse d’Afrique University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management in 2012. 

Having become an executive of the Company, she held various responsibilities within various companies operating in the airport area. First Head of the Administration Department and Administrative and Financial Director at SOBUGEA in 2012, she became Administrative and Financial Director of the Para-state Air Burundi in 2014 to enter the private sector from 2016. 

Currently, alongside her family, she is in charge of the activities of the “BONNE ACTION” UMUGIRANEZA Foundation.


Support for Humanitarian Actions in Burundi