In its action plan, the foundation provides for development in different areas


Health sector
The foundation plans to set up a clinic specializing in ophthalmology and gynecology. The foundation will also intervene in the context of food security by nutrition center in the event of food shortage;


Education Sector
The foundation provides for the establishment of schools of excellence with vocational training centers for students who do not have the chance to continue secondary schools;


Social Sector
The foundation will set up a psychotherapeutic center for the supervision of children in need of this service. Moreover, a Radio-Television will be set up to facilitate various awareness-raising campaigns and publicize various activities of the Foundation;

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment
Empowerment of Burundian women;

Financial Inclussion

Financial inclusion
The foundation will set up a microfinance institution thus allowing a microcredit system when starting projects initiated by young people trained and grouped into cooperatives.


Support for Humanitarian Actions in Burundi